GachiYellow is speechless

This video below. (Vice president Joe Biden molesting children on video) I don’t know what to say. This video by it self has the potential to destroy the entire political power structure. The next logical step for people to make is to talk about pedophiles in powerful positions.

When that happens one small push and everyone learns who controls the sex trade / pedophile rings, GOVERNMENTS

I don’t want to be to optimistic here but what I want to happen may really happen. The NWO may really be destroyed. It’s important to note if the NWO is destroyed the system will collapse as well.

So be it! If that time comes I’ll be pushing with all my might. I told you people when I first started I’m here to make sure you get executed. There’s no escape mother fuckers. If I can help it you’re time is coming and it’s coming soon.

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One Response to GachiYellow is speechless

  1. gachiyellow says:

    Wow… anything seems possible at the moment. Since I’m talking about a possible future I should say this.

    Most people in the know think of America as it’s in the process of being conquered. I see America as fallen as it was conquered in 1913. I will retire this blog when that foreign power known as the federal reserve is removed from American soil.

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