Trump: “Last Chance To Save Country On November 8”

Listen people, your opinions on Trump do not matter. His policies don’t matter. His morals don’t matter. None of that matters and here’s why.

The integrity of the Presidential election is more important than either candidate and Hillary Clinton STOLE the democratic nomination! She will steal this election if Donald Trump does not achieve a landslide victory. Voting for anyone besides him is a vote for Hillary. A vote to destroy America.

Now if any of you reading this wants to live in a third world dictatorship like North Korea vote for anyone except Trump. Once again Donald Trump is the only option because he is the only person able to achieve a landslide victory.

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One Response to Trump: “Last Chance To Save Country On November 8”

  1. gachiyellow says:

    Everyone probably hasn’t notice but this is the first time I ever made a “pro-Trump” statement. That’s because I’m a political atheist I’m not “for” anyone. I’m against evil. All other times I brought him up it were to report news or expose state run media lies.

    Even now I’m not voting for Trump per say. I’m voting to save the country. As a realist I can tell you with 100% certainty the only realistic option is to vote for Donald Trump.

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