Revealed “GachiYellow October Surprise [For Election]”

In my previous article I said:

I believe Donald Trump can win over the majority of democratic voters with one sentence. Not only that, it’s something that needs to be done.

Now, obviously I have no influence in either party but If I were Donald Trump I would say (and do) this: “If I become president I will legalize marijuana and end mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

After saying that he can explain how these laws were designed to increase crime by creating black markets and target minorities. The best way to end the “war on drugs” is to legalize them. This single sentence will pull ALL minorities to the Republican ticket when explained thoroughly.

Those of you who know history know China became completely corrupt when it decided to make opium illegal. Also drugs like cocaine were legal in the U.S. up until the 1930’s. I’m not going to go into detail here how making drugs illegal increases crime and corrupts the government. That would make this article to long.

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