Japanese Media Created To Increase Suicide: “Orange” Prime Example

100% positive “Orange” is Japanese propaganda created to increase suicide rates.  This Anime is not the only culprit. It’s just 1 of the many, many media products created for this purpose. For this article I will be using it as a scapegoat. That being said, what is “Orange” and what is it about? “Orange” is a Japanese anime and it’s about “preventing” suicide. In case you haven’t figured it out yet I do not recommend this anime.

Suicide rates in Japan

Japan’s overall suicide rate is roughly 60 percent higher than the global average, a 2014 World Health Organization report noted. In 2014 alone, 25,000 Japanese people took their own lives


Women more likely to be depressed

“Research suggests that women are especially prone to psychological problems such as depression, which almost always precede suicide. In western societies, overall rates of mental health disorders tend to be around 20-40% higher for women than for menwomen aren’t simply more likely to think about suicide – they are also more likely to act on the idea….


“Orange” is a Shoujo anime. It is aimed at young women. Keep in mind young people are also more impressionable. That’s strike one.

Shojo: “A genre of Japanese comics and animated films aimed primarily at a young female audience…”


The show is 13 episodes. If a person is thinking about suicide is it really a good idea to listen to 6 and a half hours of people talking about it? To make matters worse it’s only in the last 15 minuets of the last episode one of the main characters decide not to commit suicide. On top of that I would consider what happened to be just as much a failed attempt as an decision not to.  Did I mention the anime begins with him dead already? [I know that doesn’t make sense. It won’t unless you watch the anime which I strongly do not recommend.]

This anime could/can cause a copy cat effect. One of the main characters attempts to take his life multiple times. They show him succeeding and like I said previously he’s dead at the start of the series. His suicide is the main theme of the show.

Do ‘copycat suicides’ really occur?

“…If someone is already vulnerable…one suicide can trigger another…”


That’s strike two.

Next I will talk about addiction in Japan. Addiction is not directly connected to this anime but its important to understand how Japan is greasing the skids for self assisted murder of its own people.

Suicide and addiction:

“While depression and other mood disorders are the number-one risk factor for suicide, alcohol and drug abuse – even without the diagnosis of depression – are ranked a close second. In fact, research has shown that the strongest predictor of suicide is not a psychiatric diagnosis – but alcoholism…  In fact, data shows that alcoholism is directly linked to approximately 50 percent of all suicides…


“In everyday life [In Japan], too, alcohol seems to play a major role in people’s social networks. Employees are encouraged to go out for drinks after work with their colleagues…

An estimated 1.09 million people are thought to have been battling alcohol abuse in 2013, according to a survey conducted by a health ministry research team… Almost 10 million people in Japan potentially have a dependency problem, the study adds….

“Japan is a society that loves to push people to drink a lot,” says Susumu Higuchi, director of the National Hospital Organization Kurihama Medical and Addiction Center in Kanagawa Prefecture. “However, once someone becomes an addict, he or she is looked down on and it is not easy for that person to regain his or her status back in society after recovery.”

http://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2014/08/30/lifestyle/dealing-addiction-japans-drinking-problem/#.V_MbvMnQzIU .

I know what you’re thinking. If drinking is such a problem why not help the alcoholics? About that;

“… it turns out that approaches involving social interaction work better than the ones emphasizing education. [To prevent drug abuse]… Wei Pan, then at the University of Cincinnati, and Haiyan Bai of the University of Central Florida revealed that teens enrolled in the program [To prevent drug abuse] were just as likely to use drugs as were those who received no intervention….”


Translation: teaching people about drug use increases drug use. That means its better not to “raise awareness.” I wonder, if educational emphasis increases drug use [the link above prove it does] can it also increase suicide? This is a reasonable question to ask because both alcoholism and suicide have a common link, depression.

“There is a commonly held perception in psychology that enquiring about suicidality, either in research or clinical settings, can increase suicidal tendencies…”


If researchers and clinics can’t reduce risk safely there’s no hope for a cartoon to do so. Moreover many in the anime community tend to be socially isolated or rather I should call them outcast. The Japanese term for them is Otaku.

Otaku (おたく/オタク?) is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom… its negativity stems from the stereotypical view of otaku and the media’s reporting on Tsutomu Miyazaki, “The Otaku Murderer”, in 1989…”


Anime for better or worse attracts a lot of people who are socially isolated. Also, because of the drinking problem in Japan these socially isolated people (who are older) are more likely to be drinking. Now you see my reasoning for discussing alcoholism here. “Orange” is an anime which targets these people and it’s about suicide. That’s not a coincidence. That’s strike three.

“Immediate warning signs that someone may be in a suicidal crisis include:

  • feelings of hopelessness or desperation
  • insomnia
  • panic attacks
  • social isolation
  • irritability
  • rage
  • feelings of being a burden”


I’m not saying suicide should never be discussed in general or in anime for that matter. I’m saying to many (evil) coincidences align in this particular anime — the target age (young females), the media format (anime, which targets loners), the subject matter (suicide), the subliminal messages of successful suicide (could trigger copycat effect), Japan having the highest suicide rate — Combine all these things and I can only draw one conclusion. The damn thing was created to hurt it’s target audience. The sad part is there’s probably more propaganda I missed because I did not watch this anime with the intent to point this out. I seriously thought about this for 3-4 minuets max before I wrote this article.

I can’t stand evil propaganda. Is it to much to ask to be able to watch anime and play video games in peace? It seems like it.

GachiYellow Out

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