GachiYellow Solves Paradox? “Rock God Can Not Lift”

Holy smokes I think I just solved a paradox about God. Getting straight to the point everyone has heard the classic question “Can God create a rock he can not lift?” The point of this if I recall correctly is to say if God can create a rock he’s unable to lift (physically?) he’s not all powerful. If he can’t create the rock he’s still not all powerful because it’s not within his power to create this rock. This is of course referring to the Christian God.

I stumbled upon a answer randomly. It just hit me. Christians know God can not lie. Given this fact if God created a rock and said “I will never move this rock.” He created a rock he can not lift. He can lift it because he’s physically able. He can’t lift it because he’s bound by his word. Given this scenario the size, volume, mass, weight of said rock is irrelevant.

My reasoning seems fairly sound to me. I don’t think there are any loopholes in my reasoning. If there is I’d like for someone to point it out in the comments.

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