“Google Against EU Plans to Make It YouTube Copyright Cop”

“This would effectively turn the internet into a place where everything uploaded to the web must be cleared by lawyers before it can find an audience,” the search-engine giant said in a blog post after the European Commission unveiled draft rules that would also allow newspapers to demand payment when services such as Google News run their articles.”


This is the true intent of copyright laws. They were created to stop innovation, technology and the spread of information. See first they start with P2P file sharing and dub it “pirating” to make it sound evil. [This same stunt has been repeated all throughout history with the LIBRARY, printing press, tape recorder, VCR, etc.] The next step is speech. If you control the news you control the flow of information which in turn controls speech.

When will evil people learn you can’t stop the advance of technology and flow of information. Try as hard as you can N.W.O. you will fail. One thing is for sure I’ll use these technologies, copy and say whatever the hell I feel like. No one is going to stop me. No one is going to stop the internet and innovation. It is the way of the future.

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