“Millions of American teens are at risk of starving”

“Millions of American teenagers [at least 6.8 million] are at risk of running out of food or don’t have access to affordable, healthy food.

Some of them are so desperate, they’re selling their bodies and committing crimes to go to jail to ensure regular meals,  according to an Urban Institute study.”


Good job! Keep the borders open. Keep supporting Obamacare. Bankrupt the country. Support TPP. [Slavery] You people who support and allow this stuff are morons. Before humans had advanced technology natural selection weeded out morons. I don’t want millions of people to die. They most likely will take me with them but damn it seems death is the only thing that will fix this stupidity.

When the system goes even millionaires won’t survive. America you like being stupid? O.K. don’t listen to smart people like myself. Don’t prepare for hard times. Don’t fight this corrupt system. All of you dumb asses  are going to find out.

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