“Illegal immigration surged in August…”

“The worst of the new surge is coming in the form of families traveling together — usually mothers and children fleeing violence and poverty in Central America and trying to reunite with relatives already living in the U.S., often illegally. Nearly 10,000 people were nabbed by agents traveling as families in August alone, marking a 24 percent spike over the previous month.

All told, more than 68,000 “family units,” as the Border Patrol calls them, have been caught so far in fiscal year 2016, and with a month still to go it’s almost certain the previous record, set in 2014, will be shattered.”


Sometimes I wonder if I should post about this. When the economy crashes the public will force the borders to be closed and illegal aliens will leave on their own accord because there will be no welfare or jobs to support them. It seems America may need to learn the hard way.

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