Alex Jones talks Pokemon Go plus my thoughts

As a gamer I am 100% against Pokemon Go. I like Pokemon itself but screw that game. Don’t play it. Boycott it.

Listening to Alex Jones it sounds like he would prefer a classical from of utopia — by that I mean something like the Garden of Eden. Not I. I don’t want a classical utopia I want a technological utopia. I like video games. I like technology. The problem is the NWO has high jacked various forms of technological entertainment. If humans can make TV, cell phones, and video games in such a way to lower IQ and or hurt individuals then it should be possible for humans to make this technology benefit humans physically and mentally.

Why should I have to change my habits because the NWO’S using technology for evil. NO! HOW ABOUT WE EXECUTE ALL NWO MEMBERS THEN WE CAN CREATE ANYTHING WE WANT WITHOUT MALICIOUS INTENT!

On a side note as far as porn goes I’d rater use my hand or be forever single than let a ugly woman touch me. Yes porn, like video games, is simulated but the point is only a elite few will ever have sex with women that are ten out of ten. I’m going to be honest here. I can pull an 8. maybe… maybe a 9, but I’d be lying if I said I could get a 10. I’m not a millionaire. Plus porn is FREE. That’s hard to beat.

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