Internet Takeover By The U.N.

“When the Obama administration announced its plan to give up U.S. protection of the internet, it promised the United Nations would never take control. But because of the administration’s naiveté or arrogance, U.N. control is the likely result…

…the administration admits it has no plan for how Icann retains its antitrust exemption…. Antitrust rules don’t apply to governments or organizations operating under government control. … Without the U.S. contract, Icann would seek to be overseen by another governmental group so as to keep its antitrust exemption. Authoritarian regimes have already proposed Icann become part of the U.N. to make it easier for them to censor the internet globally.”

There’s not many sovereign nations that would protect and improve the internet. Sweden or maybe some of the other countries with lax internet rules may do a better job than the U.S. but that’s about it. The U.S. should not give internet ownership away because if the internet is censored so is our right to free speech. Oh that’s right evil people run the U.S. now so citizen right do not apply anymore.


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