Full Metal Panic — Bonta-Kun Short Story


Have you ever wondered “what is the funniest anime ever created?” is?  I have. I’m here to tell you after watching hundreds of Anime only a couple come close to matching Full Metal Panic. The series has 2 seasons and a spinoff — all of which are amazing. This is one action, comedy, mecha every anime fan should see. In my humble opinion the show is highly under rated and should have much more exposure than it already has. This anime is amazing. It’s in my top 5 for best anime of all time. I can’t say enough good things about this anime. This really is one of the best anime you will ever see. Now, I command thee. Go forth and watch this anime.

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One Response to Full Metal Panic — Bonta-Kun Short Story

  1. Phil says:

    Yeah! I especially liked Fumoffu! Bontakun meets the pony pervert was great, as was the part where Sagara was asked what he did with the love letter and he said, “I blew it up.” LOL

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