My link below:


What I said in the link above is proven by this article below!

“Turkey to EU: No refugee deal without visa-free travel”

“FM Cavusoglu says unless Turks are granted visa-free EU travel by October, deal to stem the flow of refugees is off.”

I hate to say I told you so but I know what I’m talking about! Look at the dates posted. I made a prediction and 17 days later it came true. This also proves what I said about Turkey betraying Russia. That’s a separate prediction. Do note that the article above was published before my statements about Turkey and Russia but I had no idea of it’s existence at the time I made those statements.  See my prediction in link below:

GachiYellow wrote:

“Russia should be weary of Turkey betraying them. If Turkey is still a pipeline for illegal aliens into Europe that’s a dead giveaway who their allies are. Obviously if “refugees” still flow through Turkey en masse they are allied with the Globalist.”

Let me explain this in simple terms. If turkey joins the E.U. the “refugees” will become Turkish citizens and the flow of Illegal aliens into Europe will continue. If Turkey does not join the E.U. they will break their promise and refuse to slow and or stop the massive influx of illegal aliens though Turkey into Europe. Either way Turkey with the help of people like George Soros is destabilizing Europe. This proves this country can not be trusted.

не доверяют TURKEY! предателями

[Edit: 8/18/2016]
Now that I think about it the Globalist could be attempting to frame Russia using Turkey. If Turkey supports terrorism then allies with Russia it gives the perception Russia is aiding terrorist and or masterminding illegal immigration into Europe.

Therefore I have come to this conclusion: Russia should ally with with Turkey if and only if they prove they are preventing mass immigration into their country and prove they are indeed against Isis.

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