NIH prepares to lift ban on research to create animals with human brains

“The government has announced that it plans to lift the moratorium on funding experiments that make use of human stem cells to make animal embryos with human qualities…

Scientists are hoping to create animal models of diseases that affect humans using these embryos, which they believe could help them develop new ways to treat these illnesses. Another goal is to create pigs, cows and sheep that have human hearts, livers, kidneys and other organs to use for human transplants.

However, the ethical concerns remain. For example, what if scientists inadvertently (or intentionally) create animals with part-human brains, giving them human consciousness and thinking abilities? What if these animals end up with human eggs and sperm and breed, creating human embryos inside of animals or other hybrid creatures?

Earlier this year, MIT Technology Review reported that human-animal chimeras were already gestating at research farms.

No animal rights, no human rights; it’s the perfect thing for mad scientist to test on. News flash Technology already exist to cure just about every disease known to man. A cure for  A.I.D.S. has been created at least 3 times already.

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