“LONDON TERROR[IST]: American woman dead and five injured…”

“A SOMALI teenager has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a woman was stabbed to death and five people injured in an attack in central London…

The 19-year-old Norwegian, of Somali origin [ILLEGAL ALIEN], was Tasered by police outside the Imperial Hotel, in Southampton Row.”


Try to spin the story all you want media. We already know its a terrorist attack by an illegal alien. How long has these type of attacks been taking place? It’s to little to late to whitewash news headlines.

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3 Responses to “LONDON TERROR[IST]: American woman dead and five injured…”

  1. hampshirehog says:

    Not a terrorist attack.

    Not an illegal alien.

    Who is spinning this out as something it isn’t?

    • gachiyellow says:

      Believe what you want if it makes you feel better. I do like fact that you imply I have the power to change entire natives state run media’s pushing with my tiny blog. Yes! I can “spin” this at will. My blog controls all of media. I control everything even what you say.

      • hampshirehog says:

        So we shouldn’t believe facts now? Wow.

        Edit by GachiYellow: I control everything — Even what you say. Let me state the obvious. Somalians do not live in London. They live in Somalia. Now before you use the “R” word let me warn you countries and ethnicity are two different things

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