Video [Plus Articles] Prove Hillary Is Stealing The Election

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…Democrats love immigrants, both legal and illegal. Not only do they tend to become citizens and vote for Democrats, but even as non-voters they count toward a state’s population and, therefore, its number of allotted electoral votes.

There’s more than one way U.S. elections are rigged, fraudulent, and or outright stolen.

“Nearly half of all new non-commercial licenses issued in California in 2015 went to illegal immigrants. A new Department of Motor Vehicles program granted 605,000 new driver’s licenses out of 1.4 million to illegal immigrants.”

Remember Obama also said there are 57 states. The man is not stupid. He is a evil genius who’s helping destroy the United States. This is also potential evidence of voter fraud. There very well my be 7 unknown “states” illegally involved in our political process. If I had to guess three of these “states” would be  Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Moon. [Note: Technically it is U.S. Territory]

If I was evil I’d count the Moon as a state.

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