2nd Biggest Letdown For an Anime

First let me post the previous article for reference

Biggest letdown for an anime: Paradise Kiss

I know the suspense is killing you, so which anime is the second biggest letdown I ever seen. Unfortunately it is this…

This anime is horrible. Like Paradise Kiss the opening theme is good though. There’s only two things good about this anime. The first is the opening theme which I just mentioned. The second is there’s sound bites of THE PILLOWS in this anime.  That’s a Japanese band, a extremely good band for those of you who don’t know. Their song wasn’t played over 10 seconds but I know the pillows when I hear them. Those are the only two good things… thats right, the opening theme and 10 seconds of The Pillows.

Now for the bad. I’ve never had this happen in my life. You know when something so bad happens you force yourself to keep watching. This is what I experienced when I watched this anime. It sucks and I want those 26 episodes of my life back. What makes it so bad? Japanese propaganda (Media like this is probably why many Japanese men seem to be lacking in self confidence), horrible romance (characters written out of the script for no reason), horrible animation (I usually ignore this but not when the story is also bad), and most importantly THE MAIN SONG FOR “BECK” IS A HORRIBLE MIXTURE OF RAP AND ROCK — This is stupid because the song sucks and everything else about the show leads one to believe it will be strictly rock music in the anime.

They preform that stupid rap song thoughout the entire anime. There is no break from it. It’s so bad I got to the point where I just started skipping chunks of episodes to avoid it.

What irritates me the most is the main character has so self respect. He never defends himself emotionally or physically. He’s picked on the entire series, and women use him/lead him on. Example : Momo-chan, the teacher, crossing her legs to expose her thigh to seduce Yukio into leading the choir. I guarantee everyone watching missed this. This man is worse than a crack whore. Everyone uses him. He has no dignity.

Just like Paradise Kiss DO NOT WATCH THIS. A lot of people give this anime good reviews. I’m here to tell you they’re stupid as hell. If anyone reading this likes this anime I seriously question your intelligence. In your defense I can say this. For whatever reason I was compelled to watch it till the end. That’s more than I can say about a lot of anime… I will never watch it again though.

P.S. That rap song sucks.

P.P.S. That rap song really sucks.

GachiYellow out

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