Usagi Drop – This Isn’t The End

I’m here to talk about another great anime. This one is called Usagi Drop. This is good. This is really good. It’s almost as good as Aishiteru ze Baby. Getting back to this anime it’s about a little girl who’s “dad” died of old age. Her mother abandoned her and no one wants to take her in. Upon hearing this the little girls dad’s grandson decides to take her in. (It sounds confusing but it isn’t) In other words the grand son is taking care of his aunt which is 6 years old.

In any case this is a slice of life anime that leaves little to be desired. There’s a ton of character development and a good many scenes will make you wonder if ninja’s are cutting onions in your room. This is a must watch. Stop reading this. Wait, you wont stop reading until I stop typing. Ok, I’m done.

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One Response to Usagi Drop – This Isn’t The End

  1. gachiyellow says:

    Since I blogged about this video there’s been a spike in people looking for my blog post about Aishiteru ze Baby. I guess I should make it easier to find. Here’s a link to my blog post talking about it.

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