“Pokémon Go terms of service strip users of legal rights…”

“Players of Pokemon Go are … likely to be waiving legal rights if they don’t take a very close look at Niantic Labs’ Terms of Service for the game.

As spotted earlier by The Consumerist, an arbitration notice states that Pokemon Go users automatically agree to waive their rights to any future trial by jury or class action lawsuit unless they opt out of a binding clause in the T&Cs…

Only individual actions brought to small claims courts and actions seeking injunctive or equitable relief pertaining to IP infringement rights are unaffected.

The privacy policy further notes that in the event of a sale of Niantic users would need to opt out of having their data disclosed/transferred to the third party acquirer — again with only a 30 day window to do so:

Pokemon Go T&Cs strip users of legal rights


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