Coup D’etat In Turkey Fails

  • Civilians reclaimed Turkey from their own military after helping to end coup to overthrow ruling President Erdogan
  • Ordinary Turks confronted rifle-wielding soldiers and laid in front of tanks in an effort to take back control of country
  • Some 104 plotters were killed, while 160 people – at least 41 of them police officers and 47 civilians – fell as ‘martyrs’
  • Erdogan has told civilians to ‘keep on owning the streets’ over fears that renewed military action could flare up
  • At least 1,500 are wounded in the bloody uprising as Erdogan supporters clashed with the military rebels on Friday

Defiant Turkish civilians reclaimed the country from their own military after helping to end a coup by the army to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who called on people to remain on the streets today over fears over a fresh uprising.

I don’t know which side is good but I do know this.  At least on the surface, from a third party perspective, those involved in the coup d’etat  appear to be the bad guys. More importantly the will of the people will not be denied. The military can not act if the people say no. Overall I do see some good things coming from all of this. First, the people of Turkey have become politically active. Second, at least at this point it seems the country leans more towards Nationalism not Globalism.  Most importantly if the state is in lockdown the flow of illegal aliens though the country will stop; at the very least temporarily . 

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