Under Night In-Birth EXE Late: Tips and Tricks [Update: 7/16/16]



-Good defensive options [Counter attack, Uppercut ect]
-Can bait button mashers

–Linne parry is better. She doesn’t have to decide to parry high or low. WTF?
-Very short range
-Short distance dash instead of run. Harder to get inside because of this


Parry attack can swing the match in your favor big time. It can be used consistently during auto pilot mixups or even standard mixups if your opponent has a obvious pattern. Some players will have these types of setups because most characters in the game can not parry/counter attack.


-[Midscreen or corner]  5C, 5C, 5B, 5B, JC, J2C, JB, 5C (cancel with this next move for mixup:) 22B (Note: 5C will cause them to tech in the air. you can either block and wait for the dragon to attack or throw or keep pressuring.)


-Kills very quickly (vortex options)

-Short range

-5C, 2C, 214B, B [2200 damage]

Bad Matchups:
-Carmine [Very strong lockdown. When is it safe to attack?]

-5C, 2C, 214B, B…  jump crossup
-[On block] 5C, 2C, 214B, dash in throw (Note: Works fairly often because people wait to block the second part of the tornado which never comes in this case)
-5C, 2C, 236A, 6C,  (hold) J.C, J.B, J.2C, 2C,  214A (2905 Damage)… Crossup J.B…


-She is probably one of the hardest characters I ever learned in a fighting game. For example: Like Venom from Guilty Gear whiffing certain moves will get you killed, like Athena from King of Fighters her combos are rather difficult or have strict timing at least from what I’ve seen so far, like some characters from Street Fighter she requires you to buffer some attacks to be effective, like many low tier characters she has no defensive options. (at least that I know of) These things could be considered a con if the person dislikes technical characters. Personally I see this as a pro  unless your a professional gamer playing a serious match. There’s to much room for error. Otherwise this is a very interesting character to play and its very rewarding when you win a match. Trust me when I tell you, you will earn it. My opinion may change once I get much better with the character. Right now She’s in my top three for hardest character I ever learned. Those three being Athena, I-no, Yuzuriha.



-[Midscreen only] 236B, 421C, (While midair) 236A, 421C… grab or combo here
[Note: this is used to get inside. It will not work if your already in. You should be outside 5B range]
-[Midscreen] Grab, 2C (two hits) 236B, 421C, (While midair) 236A, 421C… grab or combo here
-[Midscreen and Corner] Grab, 4C, 236A, 8B, 421C… grab or combo here (This is amazing mixup in corner)
-[On block] 2369B, 421C… Grab or Combo — can also be used to get inside
-4B, 236A, 8B, 421C… grab or combo [Note: 4B can be used to counter all physical attacks]


Side Notes:
-Nanase is my main. Akatsuki is my sub.
Carmine will win the vast majority of the time he if puts you in the corner. His lockdown options is overpowering.
-Gordeau is overpowered. His damage needs to scale more in combo’s. It’s obvious to anyone. With that amount of range he needs more damage scaling.
Yuzuriha Seems like the hardest character to play high level in the game. Reasons being spacing, special attack inputs overlapping, lots of buffering and option selects required, and no good defensive options. 

Kill time: (Based on personal experiences)
Akatsuki (20 seconds with a perfect. Note: My skill is low/mid level)
-Gordeau (25 seconds. Fastest time I ever seen in high level Japanese tournament play. I will never play this character so I will have no personal experience with him)
-Nanase: (Average 30-40 most rounds)
-Seth: ( Can achieve 30 -40 seconds but this occurs less often than Nanase)

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