War Gaming 5: Pieces of The Puzzle

Trying to make this as simple as possible this is what we are currently looking at. There are 6 major problems we face here in America.

Open borders        —  Obviously Isis sleeper cells are let in.
Financial collapse — Food riots
BlackLivesMatter — They’re basically Black terrorist at this point.
Government’s desire to demonize patriots (Mostly White males)
Biological attacks — Zika, Ebola, etc.
West provoking war with Russia

How do we (good people) stop all of this? Well closing the border will fix the vast majority of our problems. Knowledge will fix the rest. Everyone needs to realize what’s happening and spread the word. LISTEN THAT MEANS IF YOU’RE A GOOD PERSON IN GOVERNMENT YOUR MAIN GOAL SHOULD BE CLOSING OUR BORDERS. It really is all the NWO has right now. I can not stress that enough. If America closes it’s borders I can see no pathway to victory for the NWO.

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