Hunter X Hunter: 1999 VS 2011 Version

I’ve just started to watch Hunter X Hunter for the first time. Since the 2011 version is a remake of the 1999 version I didn’t know which one to watch. Since I couldn’t decide I watched a couple episodes of both. After watching a few episodes of both I can say without a doubt the 1999 version is better than the 2011 version. (In my opinion) Why? The 2011 versions pacing is to fast. There’s not as much character development or suspense because of this. Here are the pros of both

1999 verson
-Darker mood
-Better art style (my opinion)
-Better voice acting
-Slower paced (this means more character development and smother transitions between scenes / plot points)
-Has filler

2011 version
-Fast paced (Episode 1 of the 2011 version is the first 3 episodes of the 1999 version)
-“updated” graphics (personally I don’t give a damn about this)
-bigger color scheme
-more strictly follows the manga
-has more arcs / goes father into the manga than 1999 version

Let me be clear. These anime are similar. I think it’s like 75 – 85% similar. Yes, overall the scenes are basically the same when you remove the filler from the 1999 version but what the characters say is slightly different. [Once again overall the same point gets across]

What I would recommend doing is watch the 1999 version then continue where it left off in the 2011 version. However if you have a short attention span just watch the 2011 version. Some people tend to think slower paced equates to boring. There’s just no disadvantage to watching the 1999 version unless you hate filler. Generally speaking more is better in most cases. I’m not a manga purist. There are many cases where filler makes anime better than the manga in my opinion. It’s just a couple anime  *cough* Bleach and Naruto *cough* have made many anime fans hate filler in general. That being said I think anyone who watches Hunter X Hunter should make their own judgement for themselves. My idea of “better” might not be the same as yours.

GachiYellow out

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