Street Fighter V: Alex – Meta, Strategies [7/20/16]

Alex is my main so I’ll have more information for him. As usual I don’t pick characters based on tier. I pick them based on who ends matches as quickly as possible.

Frame advantage normals
-5LP, 2LP, 5MP, 6HP

Staggered Block Strings / Frame Traps (Baits mashing)
-2lp, 2lp, 2lp
-5MP, 236MP
-6HP, 5LK, 236LP (Note: 5LK will counter hit)
-Max spacing 6HP, 5HP, 236HP, 63214HP [Situational]

Frame Traps on Hit only
-5MP, 236LP [can safely follow up on hit]

Safe  on Block (conditional)
-Works only when spaced,  5MP, 236LP
-Works only when spaced, 2MP

V reversal Bait (They lose their meter)
-LP, Normal throw (Every character I’ve used so far can do this.)
-LP, Command throw


-(Counter hit) 6HP, 5LP, 236LP
-(Counter hit) 5hp, 236hp, Backbreaker [301 damage – 515 stun]
-(Crossup) J.LK, 5mp, V-trigger activation, 5hp, HP+HK, Backbreaker [275 dmg – 480 stun]
-JHP, 5HP, V-trigger activation, 5HP, HP+HK, Backbreaker [352 damage – 605 stun]

-Counter Hit 6HP, 6HP, 5LP, 236LP [Hard combo]
-Counter Hit 5HK, 4charge6HK, 2HP, 623LP

Counter Hit 6HP,  2HP, 236LP, Dash, (Crossup) J.LK, 5MP, 236LP, [Tick throw] Power Bomb
-Counter Hit 6HP, 5HP, 4charge6LK, (Crossup) J.LK, 5MP, 236LP
-[Anti-air counter hit] 6HP, 6HP… 5HK. (Note: 5HK is a frame trap here. if they mash they are counter hit again.)
-(Corner opponent wakeup) 6HP, 5HP, 236LP (Frame trap here)… 5MP, V-trigger, 6HP, HP+HK , back breaker [Over 800 stun total]

I think Alex gets more mileage off EX moves rather than saving meter for super. Alex gains V-trigger quickly. You can do combos near equal to Super with that.

Bad Matchups
Birdie(?), Mika



-Punish charged Dropkick, 5LK (frame trap) with reversal super (?)


-Your setups on hit do not work. he will reversal grab if you try to frame trap


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