Hataraki Man [Opening and Ending Theme]

Since Sony Japan wants to claim copy write on Youtube I’ll link to the ENTIRE series so you all can watch it for free.


This is one of my personal favorites. Not many would rate it super high but I like it a lot. Hataraki Man (Translation: Working man) is about a woman named Hiroko Matsukata. What does she do? She works all the time. Every now and then she’ll comment on how she hasn’t had sex in a couple of months because she’s been to tired from work to do so. How is this interesting? I can’t explain it. Apparently Japan can make anything interesting in anime. It’s like magic or something. Not only is the anime good in my opinion, the opening theme is amazing.

I can’t recommend this for everyone because it’s a personal favorite but at least give it a try. Watch a episode or two and you may like it. I’m betting you will.

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