Street Fighter V Tips and Tricks [7/3/16]

IMPORTANT: IT SEEMS LIKELY IBUKI MAY HAVE A VORTEX! This character is possibly broken. Quick rise can throw off timing a little but good players can adjust and or react to that. It’s not looking good at the moment.

Pieces of possible vortex
-End combo with kazekiri — after that your options
1. cross up combo into kazekiri, jump again
2. empty jump, 2LK, 5LP, kazekiri (MK ver), jump again
3.   empty jump,  any standing combo into kazekiri, jump again
4. [If opponent back roll] command dash (throw, low attack mixup)

Note: It seems like a throw after landing ends it but I’m not 100% sure yet.

Give kazekiri more knockback and 5LP no longer links with kazekiri

Edit: As soon as I discovered this I started to get perfects. I got 2 or 3 in a hour and a half. I haven’t used this character over 5 hours yet. I’m sure with a little work high level players can make it happen.

I have 3 points for now that will improve your game by 50% or more.

1. When in doubt couch weak punch (any character)
2. Learn to tech throws. Block stun is lower than average on this game. This makes throws very, very strong.
3. In my opinion spacing (neutral game) is different than previous Street Fighters’. As far as I can tell the correct range is not poke distance. It’s dash distance. Whiff attacks where your opponent wants to be standing in. (my opinion on this may change later but for now it seems like a good idea)

In some ways this game plays more like Vitura Fighter than Street Fighter. How? Couch weak punch (with any character) is extremely close to being a get out of jail free card. It’s the most overpowered thing in the game closely followed by throws. because some jabs are 3 frames even broken pressure strings (normally used to bait mashing) will not work if miss timed. Also because this game is simple most people only have a couple of ways to bait mashing. Identify the baits and you’ll escape every single time.

Wake up:
Tech throw/Jump option select
Note: It techs throws or jumps backwards or so they say. I don’t see the point in using it though. Jumping would avoid the throw just like tech’ing would.  Maybe this is suppose to sac hit [SFA3 term. It means take a hit in air to avoid damage] a delayed attack on wake up



-He has one of the highest damage V-trigger combos I’ve seen
The only character in the game that can bait quick rise (That I know of)


-(Midscreen only) (Counter  uit) 2HP, Screw Smash (HK ver.), Dash Stright (MP ver.) [241 damage – 435 Stun]
-5MK, 5MP, MP+MK, 5MP, V-trigger activation, Dash Stright(MP ver), 6LK, 6LK, 6LK, 6LK [276 damage – 428 stun]
-J.HK, 2HP, Screw Smash (HK ver.), V-trigger activation, Dash Straight (LP ver.), 6LK, 6LK, 6LK, 6LK  [369 damage – 565 stun]


The following setups will  keep people who use quick rise in block stun on wake up, or knock them down again if they do not block. Be sure to get your timing on wake up correct or you will whiff.

(Quick rise bait – midscreen) Throw… dash grand blow [LK ver. Note It’s spaced fairly well so it’s a faily safe option]
-(Quick rise bait) 5MK, 5MP, MP+MK, 5MK… Throw [This setup is amazing]
-(Quick rise bait) (Counter  uit) 2HP, Screw Smash (HK ver.), Dash Stright (MP ver.)… Dash grand blow [HK version]



Set ups
-J.MK, 2HP, 214HK,  41236HK, J.MK ( <–Netural jump or jump forward. Depends on how your opponent reacts)


-5MK, 5MP

– 5HP, 236MK, 2MP,  4charge6LP

-Counter Hit 5HP, 236mp, cross up J.MK, 5HP, 236MK, 2MP,  4charge6LP, dash, dash, throw


-(Crossup) J.2HP, 6HP, 5LK, LP+MP+HP [284 Damage – 526 stun]


VS Cammy
-Turn punch cross up
How to counter: Trow tech. Since Cammy must be so close to you to cross up your normal throw tech will be changed into an option select. Either you will tech if she throws of if she does this move you will auto grab her.

VS Chun Li


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