“Islamic Speaker Admits: Killing Gays is a Belief Held by ‘Moderate Muslims’”


“During a conference held in May 2013, Qureshi complained that the media often frames views such as “the death penalty for homosexuals” or the subjugation of women as only being held by radical Muslims.

“I always try to tell them that….these are general views that every Muslim actually has….every Muslim believes in these things,” says Qureshi.

http://www.prisonplanet.com/islamic-speaker-admits-killing-gays-is-a-belief-held-by-moderate-muslims.html .

The entire room agrees death is the best course of action for adultery and other sins such as homosexuality. There is a fundamental problem with Islam. That problem is murdering people who don’t agree or are not like them.

I probably should add this. Even though this post is talking about Islam I garentee someone will bring up Christianity. Christians in the old testament had similar views but here’s 2 important points. 1 Christianity changed. Things like that are no longer acceptable. 2. As far as I know they didn’t apply their rules to none believers. That means everyone was in agreement to follow said laws and accept said consequences. Feel free to correct me on number two if I’m wrong. Either way #1  still stands.

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