“Over 80 percent of popular bread brands contain cancer-causing chemicals”

“A food additive used in bread called potassium bromate has been in the international news lately. Indian health officials have recently called for a ban on the use of the additive, which has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

Potassium bromate, however, is just one of many chemicals found in commercial bread products… As Vani Hari, the Food Babe, noted: “It only takes 4 ingredients to make bread – flour, yeast, water and salt, there’s really no need for all that other nonsense.


I’m so sick of these murdering pieces of garbage! Do you and your family a favor an avoid this poisonous food. Avoid it as much as possible. I know its hard. I can’t avoid it all my self. We have to try if we want to live. Also boycotting these evil companies will force them to change or put them out of business.

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