Anime of the Day: Gangsta

Oh… My… Goodness! Do I have an anime for you to watch today. Gangsta is epic. It’s about a deaf solider name Nicolas. He’s a particular type of soldier  dubbed “Tag” for short. Basically because of how they were born they have to take drugs to survive. These drugs also enhance their fighting capabilities. The down side is the drugs shorten their lifespans. Also for some reason “Tags” gather in this particular city — which happens to be very corrupt by the way. Long story short different factions are fighting each other and Nicolas and his partner (Literally his master. Nicolas can’t disobey him. Watch it to understand) are neutral.

The story is amazing. The setting is amazing. The music is amazing. the voice acting is amazing. Basically I like everything about this anime. If I had to pick I think I’d say the best thing about the anime is the voice acting. For example: Nicolas is deaf. He actually speaks like a deaf person would. Slurred speech and all. There’s even Japanese subtitles when he talks because he’s so hard to understand. It’s a very unique way of approaching things. At the very least I’ve never seen any anime do something similar. Anyway there’s one season at the moment which is 12 episodes.  The good news is it looks like there will be more. Go watch it. After you see it you can come back and thank me.

GachiYellow Out

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2 Responses to Anime of the Day: Gangsta

  1. Karandi says:

    I didn’t think they were doing another season. Has there be an announcement?
    Sorry, I just loved this anime and I really was disappointed when I learned it was done because I really wanted to know what was going to happen next.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • gachiyellow says:

      There’s been no announcement that I know of. I can just tell by looking at the release date of the current anime and the way it ended. I can see they at least plan on one. The only way there wouldn’t be a second season is if the anime bombs, which I don’t believe it will.


      Hey, I didn’t know the studio that made it was bankrupt. When I worte this article I didn’t have that information. Knowing that, things look kind of grim right now.

      “The Studio Behind Gangsta. is Now Bankrupt”

      If all else fails I’ll just pick up the manga where the Anime left off.

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