Gut Feeling: The NWO will soon have a major problem

Sometimes it seems like I’m psychic or something. Lets see if yet again what I say comes to fruition. Actually I have a specific prediction I just wont go into detail right now. If you want to know you have to wait.

I have some speculations about the Clintons and certain individuals as well but something is telling me to wait so wait I shall.

NWO just know I got your number like nobody else. Why is that? Because I think like you people, but unfortunately for you I’m not pure evil. Just remember mother fuckers, the day I got involved was the day you began losing. For everyone reading this that’s really not me bluffing. Go back and read my older post when I first started. You can see how I predicted (some of) and changed the future.

[Edit: Big time edit]

This is a different subject. Anyways, If the elite tank the economy after Obama leaves office I think I may have a strategy to counter their lies for the pretext for it. Don’t mess with the economy NWO. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thought up strategies if such a scenario were to occur.


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