“[PSO2 JP] – Guren dash training ” Simplified & Explained

This is a special type of dash that allows a player to move quickly. It’s a combination of L.A. (lobby action) dashing using a PA skill. It looks like what’s shown in this video. The problem is I could never do it.  Maybe its because I have more lag? I don’t know but I finally figured out a way it works for me. The way I do it is…

PA skill, Alt+W, slight delay, W, W (repeat). The trick, for me at least, was to press and hold ALT slightly sooner than W. This way I do not get the second attack slowing me down. Also notice I left out the dash Macro (X). This is a simplified version meaning it’s less likely there will be incorrect inputs. Do note this particular dash can only be used with Braver as a main or sub class because it uses the Katana PA.

Edit:  Another way (arguably easier?)

While holding “W” the entire time, PA skill, ATL, X. (repeat) Inputs are easier but timing is more strict.

Update: 2/16/17

The methods I explained above do not seem to work in air. In air a different method must be used. PA, X, W  repeat. The simplest way is to press X during the just attack flash. I will try to find something better but for now this is an option if you want to avoid hitting the ground for some reason.

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