“Surprise! You bought it, but you don’t own it”

“That new car you bought? It’s not yours. Even an ink cartridge for your printer. Not yours, entirely…

The issue is that Lexmark was selling its patented cartridges with a stated restriction of “single use only.”… The [court] ruling said:…”the patentee does not confer authority on the buyer to engage in the prohibited resale or reuse.
Pete Bigelow at Autoblog wrote last year about General Motors’ claims that it retains ownership of some parts of its new vehicles, no matter how much you pay the dealer.”
Maybe now that the subject is not P2P file sharing people will get upset about the fact they do not own what they buy. I always hear the same moronic remarks. “File sharing is stealing. It’s pirating. How will the person/company make money.” These people know nothing about history. The same arguments made against file sharing were made for the library, printing press, VCR, and DVD player — all of witch make mass distribution of information more easily available. Did any of said things destroy the economy? No. Copied information is not the same either. That’s like saying clones are twins are the same. They LOOK the same but are two different entities on this physical plane of existence. Also, if you want to get technical no two files can be named the same thing on a computer so they are NOT identical in any since of the meaning. Furthermore singers make the majority of their money off TOURS not record sales. It’s always been this way.
What does file sharing have to do with this article? Well those same stupid laws are now being applied to everything else. It’s a slippery slop so it seems. Enjoy not owning your car stupid people. Maybe this time around you will learn you’re being cheated. Most likely you wont though. You won’t learn until they steal these things from you.
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