“FBI releases video of Oregon occupier’s fatal shooting by state police”

“It shows Finicum getting out of the vehicle and then lifting his hands in the air as Oregon state troopers approached him with their guns drawn. The video, which is shot from a distance, shows him then lowering his hands toward his body, then falling into the snow as he is shot.

Right now the only thing that’s keeping us here is them not being clear with us with what’s going on,” said Fry… “They’re saying three of us can leave and if we leave right now, we’ll be fine,” but a fourth member of the group, a man, faces a criminal charge when he departs the compound, Fry said.”


I didnt take the time to watch the full video. I don’t care. These people were tricked into doing something stupid and now they wont go home. Let it be known I do not like blogging about stupidity. This was the wrong place and absolute wrong time to engage in a protest to the death.

Let me get this straight. You people were prepared to die but not be arrested?! Are you kidding me? This is creating a total lost of respect and credibility for anything you stood for. IF YOU BREAK THE LAW, EVEN IF THAT LAW IS EVIL, YOU BETTER BE WILLING TO ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES. This is so stupid. Why am I even typing. I’m not blogging about this any more. I already said what’s most important in the previous article I posted. There’s only one thing left to be said.


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