“Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Tue. 1/19/2016: Flint’s Poisoned Water, Robert David Steele”

Robert David Steele! He did it again! I love this man! If there were more people like this man in the government the world would be a better place. I said it once. I’ll say it a thousand times.

It took me my ENTIRE lifetime to find ONE MAN in government that tells the truth! This is the only man I have seen in government that tells the truth the majority of the time.

Quote:  GachiYellow

The one man in government that tells the truth the majority of the time, who does he support, Ted Cruz. Who also said Ted Cruz should be president? ME! I said it. I didn’t say Rand Paul. I didn’t say Donald Trump. I said Ted Cruz. Proof Below.

I put Ted over Rand for President. Here’s why


It’s not just Robert David Steele who supports Ted. Bob Barr, the man who’s responsible for Bill Clinton’s impeachment, also supports Ted Cruz. (GOOD) High Level people in Government support Ted Cruz. It might be wise to listen.

Once again! I say what?!

Notice how I say things top military personnel say before they say with no links to whistle blowers or insiders — no links to government; no sources.

Quote: GachiYellow

Once again, once again, once again! Key word “Military” — this guy is CIA, the “6th branch of the military.” High level people; I say the same thing before they say it. I’m telling you its like I have ESP or something. Guess what? I have a lot more predictions and suggestions but something is telling me to wait at the moment. I have a prediction about Obama. I have a prediction about Trump. I also have a prediction about this water crisis mention in the show above. I am just waiting until the right time.

I said all that to say this. NWO I’M TELLING YOU JUST AS SURE AS THE DAY IS LONG YOU WILL BE EXECUTED. GET… READY! I hate you people. It’s coming. There’s nothing you can do about it. You’re going to lose and you’re going to lose badly! You can not and will not win.

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