Cosmic League – Tips and Tricks [Update: 12/30/15]

The Cosmic League wiki Will have different information from what I post. Here’s a link to that.

Must have cartridges

Aerial Type:
Air loop

Assault Type:
Air Loop
Air Run

Air Run
Sway (back dash)
Tower Support DEF – Anti Homing
Wall Jump
Note: It’s pretty easy for a Buster guarding the tower with this setup to obtain first place.

Panzer type:
Air Run

Robot Class Roles / responsibilities.

Aerial – This is the class that “carries” a team to victory. If you already have the lead this class enables you to keep the lead. Cosmic League is new but in its predecessor Cosmic Break these robots are by far superior to every other. It’s safe to assume this game will end up the same way. I don’t know why but Cyberstep loves making this class unbalanced.

Assault – Your job is to counter robots with air superiority.  Run from Panzers, hunt robots in the air.

Buster – Your job is basically spit into 3 parts; guard the tower, snipe, play lame. Never fight 1v1. Fight with the tower backing you up or  follow another player [not to closely] and use him as a meat shield. Use your range to your advantage.

Fortress – Hunt Panzers. As far as I can tell this is the only thing this class does well. Also I do not recommend advancing to the front line with this class. Assault types love you so much. They love you in the way a rapist loves his victim.

Jammer – Your job is to die. Really this class sucks so bad I don’t know why it’s in the game. I’m not just saying that. I usually play support classes in most games. If I say a support class sucks its for good reason. There are no beneifts to this class. At least in Cosmic Break you had the ability to heal [Even then when motorcycles were introduced, in the old game, it made support useless for the most part]

Panzer – This is the comeback class. You break towers the fastest. Aerial may be top tier but that doesn’t mean they are the be all end all of this game. I personally prefer Panzers over Aerial because they always end battles the fastest. Win by a mile or lose by a mile. Either way long games / wasting time is the enemy if you want loot. Time efficiency is always the best way to go in any game.

General Tips and tricks:
-Boost meter fills faster while standing still.
-Press Z to swtich to your second shift action. (if you have one. If not you must install a 2nd shift action cartage) Why did I tell you this? Nowhere in the game does it say how to use your second shift action.
-The cap on FP points is 50K.


The Ideal position for any robot is to be directly above the enemy. Depending on the robot type either fly or “Air Run” off a cliff every chance you get in order to shoot / attack with melee from above.

Another strategy top players will use is — make it your priority to pick off players with low health

Never stand out in the open; never. If you’re on the ground move from cover to cover. If you’re an air type move from ledge to ledges. In general don’t charge down the middle of the map. Flank from the sides / corners of the map.

The ability to read the radar and make judgments is just as important if not more important than being a good player. I can’t stress how important it is to keep track of the enemies movements. How does the radar help? It increases survivability and can give you tactical advantages when you:
3: BE READY TO REACT TO A BLITZ.  Regroup or flank

During the last 200 / 300 points of the game, if you have low health, do not look for the enemy. If possible hide until the match is over.

Spectate matches every now an then. Look for who’s in first place and learn to imitate their strategies.

Rank limits
Any robot that has a rank limit I do not recommend using. Everyone is using S rank robots. As far as I can tell Rank limit is code for “gimp robot”


Crimrose:  [Aerial type] Dive kick (shift action) enemy robots with low health from maximum fly height. Since the enemy you’re attacking has low heath they should die in one hit. If they die in one hit when you bounce off them keep flying. Do not land. If they don’t die in one hit melee them after the initial hit. This will quickly kill them.

Fiona -At the moment most Buster types play similar. See “Robot Class Roles / responsibilities: Buster” for general advice. There is one thing you can do if you ever get the chance. If the enemy tower is unguarded use your second shift action, for faster main weapon attacks, and break it while taking little to no damage. This rarely happens but when it does it’s usually during a team blitz. If the tower is unguarded you’ll haven an even easier (not quicker just safer) time breaking it.

Lunastia: [Panzer type] Sneak attack characters from behind. If you’re ever near a ledge use air run to look for characters traveling below you. If you see one use your shift action plus melee attack to quickly close in on them with a surprise attack. Use stomp as your second shift action. Combining your 1st and second shift action will help you quickly destroy towers.

Rei: [Assault type] Every time you see a Fortress use your Shift action. You will instantly be right beside them. Once beside them melee them to death. They’re pretty much helpless to this tactic. Just don’t get to greedy using this tactic. Most of the time you will kill them but sometimes you could lose a good chunk of health in the process.

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6 Responses to Cosmic League – Tips and Tricks [Update: 12/30/15]

  1. I found these tips useful, thanks!
    Any robot-specific tactics for Fiona?

  2. Red says:

    Thanks for the tips! Very helpful! – do you know the max height for Crim to be able to use her shift action effectively? I end up missing the target often when using my shift.. ////.////

    • gachiyellow says:

      Well you can do it at max height and still hit them. If you’re not locked on to the character you have to direct it some. If you were locked on to the character then I think the angle may be your problem more than the height. If the enemy runs under you the attack will not home backwards. There’s a higher chance of it missing if the player has high movement speed.

  3. lol says:

    Hi! Where can we acquire the cartridge Tower Support DEF – Anti Homing for busters?

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