Cosmic League – Class Tier List / Best Robots [Update: 12/30/15]

There’s almost no information on this game so I decided to share my opinions on certain game mechanics. Based on my personal experience here is what I think a tier list (by class) would look like

1. Aerial (Mobility pwns all in any shooting based game)
2. Assault
3. Panzer [1v1 Panzer destroys Assault but gets completely owned by Aerial and Fortress]
4. Buster [Must have tower backing you up to see amazing results]
5. Fortress [ 1v1 Better than Panzer but Aerial, Assault and Buster can hit/catch you]
6. Jammer [No heal in this game WTF? Now support is completely useless.]

Below is my opinion on what robots are the best to use.


Crimrose (an Aerial type) is the best robot by far in the game in my opinion. There are a couple Assault types that come close to her but dive kick from max height is just to over powered. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you’ll know after you get hit by it.


Fiona Right now this robots ranks 1st the most — at least from what I can tell. I really don’t know why. All buster types play in a similar fashion; more so than other classes.


Just released; this thing may move up in the ranks. It can charge it’s beam attacks so it hits really hard.  It may be just as good as Crimrose or better. I havent seen it enough yet to tell. One thing I do know is it has to be boring to play. All it does is spam charge beams that have more reach than they should. Woo so much fun I tell ya. [/sarcasm]


I don’t own this robot so I won’t say much. It’s and assault type that has really high mobility and does really well against other robots.


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