PSO2 – TE/RA, My Support Class Strategy [Update: 4/16/17]

Class: TE/RA

Skill tree

Shifta Advance +10
Shifta Critical +10
Shifta Strike +5
Territory PP Save+5
Territory Burst +1
Wide Support +1
Extend Assist +1
Long Time Assist +1
Wind Mastery 1 +10
Wind Mastery 2 +10

Use the rest of the points as you like.

Weak Bullet +10
PP Bullet Save+10 (PA’s cost less PP during Weak Bullet)
Use the rest of the points as you like.

Weapons/Skills I use
-Marco Resta, Shifta, and Zanverse to your item bar. [replace your healing items with these skills]
50% Wind Rifle [I now prefer lighting as a status effect]
-Gunblade [for PP]

PA’s to use:
-Rifle: Grenade Shell [For mobs], Homing Emission [Massive damage if all 5 bullets hit weak point with weak bullet]
[Note] Less switching weapons than before. Now rifle is the primary weapon.

Strategy – On bosses use, shifta before battle on everyone. During battle use weak bullet, then zanverse. [UPDATED: 8/15/16] With Zanverse equipped to item pallet you do not have to switch weapons. you can keep your weak bullets and use Zanverse at the same time

Info – This is one of my favorite class combinations to play. I specifically tailored this class to maximize team damage. This is not a soloing class. This class excels at fighting mega bosses Fighting Dark Faltz Loser with the maximum number of teammates.

[Edit: 8/16/16] It appears both Zanverse and weak bullet have been nerfed. Zanverse gives about 30% damage of the original attack and Weak bullet doubles the total damage of an attack delt [Yes this is a nerf. It was 3-4 times normal damage] In total thats about a 220% damage nerf since the last time I updated this blog post and or check the stats on weak bullet.

Pros and Cons of this class

[update 3/27/17] This strategy will still work until end game. If you or your team mates are not over powered this will drastically speed up mega boss battles.
-Can cut team time in half. Perfect for speed runs/Farming bosses. [PRE-END GAME — see final update below]
I’m still perfecting this class. That means it can become even better. This also means I may update this post later

This is a difficult class to play. All tools must be utilized for this class to meet it’s potential. You will be swapping weapons a lot.
-This class is **horrible** at soloing. Do not do this. It is a waste of time and effort.
-This class will make you hate other players using support classes. The more support classes there are in a team the less effective this combination is. No matter how big the team this is the only support class needed.

[Update: 4/16/17] It seems end game every class is so over powered Te / RA is not needed. Technically TE/RA is the absolute best. The problem is since every class is so strong end game bosses don’t have enough health to see a time difference. Example: See link below.

There is one exception end game. If you have a party of 4 people or less this combo still works end game. The only problem is all mega bosses are 12 man parties.

End Game this is what this Build can do. NOTICE ABOVE A 12 MAN PARTY WAS 1:31. WITH TE/RA A 4 MAN PARTY IS 1:36

[Edit: Last part deleted. Lost correct link]


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One Response to PSO2 – TE/RA, My Support Class Strategy [Update: 4/16/17]

  1. gachiyellow says:

    I wont update the blog post above again but I will say that zanverse was nerfed again. See my thoughts here.

    Weak bullet got a nerf too. Wow its only a 20% damage boost now. That’s a huge nerf. Oh well, I know what classes to avoid now.

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