Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! mid level tactics [Update: 5/13/17]

General Tatics:

Movement: Air dash moves faster without directional imputs. Double tap air dash to move even faster.


Arcana: (My personal choices)

Wind (Most popular option) – Due to winds third jump this adds more damage to air to air counters. This happens a LOT because all characters are almost always in the air

Time – Due to Saki’s amazing okizeme (wake up pressure) there will be times when the opponent refuses to tech recovery on knockdown.  With the Time arcana you can setup unblockable attacks when characters refuse to tech recovery

-Evil – The super ability for Evil arcana swaps character / opponent positions. This means as long as you have meter you can gain the high groud or put the opponent in the corner when you choose. Just wait until you’re at a disadvantage with spacing (like someone above you) then switch positions.

-Magnetism – Personally I’ve had less success with this arcana but the concept seems like it would be a great asset for Saki. Saki always wants to be close to the opponent and this arcana pulls them in on hit or block. The super attack pulls them in regardless of where they are on screen. Opponents who play keep away should have a harder time doing so.

2B, 2C, Brionac (B ver.) 5A, 6C, J.B, J.C, Fragaranch (B ver.)
[Note: Drops on Angelia and Lieselotte]
6B, 6C, Gorm Glas (C ver), J.B, J.4B, J.B, J.C,  Fragarach (B Ver.)
[Note: Drops on Angelia]

Full Screen Setups:
-Air grab, dash cancel, air combo B&B after wall bounce OR Grab if they wall tech.


-[Corner] B&B…  Land, Repeat combo. Notes: This is a frame trap. They can not attack or jump out

[Corner only] B&B… Midair before landing 3C…
[Note: you must train them to block before you use this]


-Blossom A.K.A. Flower


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