“Windows 10 to automatically download on your PC”

“Not interested in installing Windows 10 on your computer after reading news reports indicating Microsoft will track your online behavior and save your search queries, private emails and contents of private folders, including photos?

Too bad. You may not be given much of a choice.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is preparing to automatically download onto computers currently installed with Windows 7 or 8 – without the computer users’ knowledge, London’s Guardian reported.


Do it Microsoft. See how many people drop your operating system completely. Hell, I may offer my services for free to remove Windows 10 and install other operating systems when you do this. WHEN THIS HAPPENS I WILL BE POSTING A IN DEPT TUTORIAL ON MY BLOG ON HOW TO REMOVE WINDOWS FROM YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER.

Fuck you Microsoft. Fuck you Bill Gates. I foresee epic failure in your future. Have a nice day.

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