European Immigration [Illegal Aliens] Master Article [5/8/18]

“Hungary’s Orban Says Germany Struck `Secret’ Turkey Refugee Deal”

“ISIS Brags About Exploiting Refugee Program to Send “Sleeper Cells” to Europe”

“Benefits for EU [ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS] in the UK will be cut off after three months, says PM…”

People in the U.K. should be asking their government why are these people being put on welfare?


“Czech police haul migrants off trains to Germany and ‘write numbers on their arms in ink'”

“Czech police have reportedly begun removing refugees from trains headed to Germany, detaining migrants and numbering them in pen written on their arms… Tuesday morning around 200 were arrested on trains arriving from Austria and Hungary in the southern Czech region of Moravia.”

“Germany is ‘exploiting’ refugee suffering to recruit ‘slaves’ via mass immigration – Marine Le Pen”

Video: ‘Refugees’ Throw Rocks at Hungarians, Shout “F**k You!”

French Security discover ISIS infiltrating Refugee Camp

“Finland to raise taxes on the wealthy to cover refugee costs”

“Islamists in Germany trying to recruit young refugees”


White House Claims 10,000 Refugees From Syria Will Be Vetted, FBI Says They Will NOT

“Senior Intelligence officials warn terrorists may infiltrate”

Austria and Slovakia Reinstate Border Controls as Refugee Tidal Wave Continues

Report: Migrants Pretending to be Christians to Get to European Welfare States

Hungarian Military Intelligence Boss: Muslim Refugee Crisis Endangers Europe

“35 MILLION migrants heading to Europe, says Hungary…”

VIDEO: MASKED MIGRANTS Chanting “Allahu Akbar” Rally in Germany With Sticks and Pipes

New Airline to Fly ‘Migrants’ Directly Into Sweden

“Asylum seekers SUE Germany for not paying them benefits FAST ENOUGH”

“German parents outraged after schoolchildren asked to make beds, cook for refugees”

French President Francois Hollande Welcomes Refugees [30,000] Despite Paris Attack

“In the same spirit, he [Hollande] added, “30,000 refugees will be welcomed over the next two years. Our country has the duty to respect this commitment,” explaining that they will undergo vigorous security checks.”

There’s not enough terrorist in France so the French President is calling for more. Just how evil are these people?

Small Village Of 40 To Receive 550 Asylum Seekers

Germany: Migrants Stab Father, Chase Him & Baby Into Freezing Pond

Video: Migrants Attack Calais Residents, Throw Bricks

Afghan Migrant In Austria Anally Rapes 72-year-old Woman; Will Not Be Deported

German Govt. to Spend 600 Million Euros Housing Migrants in Berlin Hotels

“Cologne Carnival: 22 Reports Of Sex Assaults Despite Heavy Police Presence”

“Czech President: ‘We are facing an organised invasion and not a spontaneous movement of refugees’”

“Germany: Teenage Girls Sexually Harassed by 30 ‘Refugees’ in Shopping Mall”

“Poland Says ‘No’ to Migrants Following Brussels”

Good News: Europe Sends Illegal Aliens Back

“Head of French Police: Migrant Sex Assaults Could Trigger “Civil War””

[Swedish Illegal Alien] “I hate Sweden, I’m just here to f**k Swedish girls.”

Berlin: Afghan Terrorist drives into crowd

“Europe’s Sanctuary [Illegal Alien] Cities On Fire”

“Riot in Stockholm [Sweden] suburb after drug suspect is arrested”

“Germany: 7 Refugees On Trial For Setting Homeless Man On Fire On Christmas”

“Poland’s Prime Minister says country will accept no refugees as EU threatens legal action over quotas”

“Terror in Manchester: 3,500 potential terrorists…”

“Sweden: Migrants Viciously Beat Disabled Man While Calling Him Racist”


[Irony] “Open Borders Advocate Anally Raped by Migrant”

OPEN BORDERS: “10 million refugees may flood EU if it fails to secure borders – Czech president “

Germany: Foolish Pilots support open borders

[Open Borders] German Mayor stabbed after taking more refugees

Germany: Political Infighting Over Open Borders

Open Borders: “Migrant traffickers brag about bribing British-backed Libyan coastguard ”

France: Prime example what happens when borders are open

“Swedish mother… gang raped by three [so called] “child” refugees – They even took photos”

[E.U.] Majority Think Migrant Integration Unsuccessful: 73% in Sweden

Problem, reaction, solution: “UN warns of rampant sexual violence in Greek refugee camps”

“Germany’s homeless population explodes as refugee policy backfires”

Illegal Aliens in Germany create “No Go” zones

“Uber Banned in London After Sexual Assaults by Migrant Drivers Skyrocket”

“Migrant Rape Attacks Up 91 Per Cent in Bavaria This Year”

“Sweden: Migrants Viciously Beat Disabled Man While Calling Him Racist”

“Germany: 7 Refugees On Trial For Setting Homeless Man On Fire On Christmas”

Berlin: Afghan Terrorist drives into crowd

“Head of French Police: Migrant Sex Assaults Could Trigger “Civil War””

“Swiss Pol: Refugee Crisis Could Trigger a New World War”

“Germany: Teenage Girls Sexually Harassed by 30 ‘Refugees’ in Shopping Mall”

Sweden: 88 Per Cent of Gang Rapists Have a Migrant Background

“A study by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has found that 88 per cent of gang rapists in the Scandinavian country over the last six years have had a migrant background.”

Swedish child raped by ‘three men’ on her way home: Police refuse to give description of the perpetrators

“A 10-year-old girl was attacked by three men after she left school and was on her way home. The child was raped at a cemetery in Östervåla, Sweden’s Aftonbladet reports.”

Paris Mayor Backs Communist Party Plan to Turn Public Park into Migrant Camp

“Communist Party councillors elected to the Council of Paris have demanded that part of the Bois de Boulogne park be allocated for asylum seekers to set up a new shelter, with the support of Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

The Communist Party councillors have asked for a part of the park, the former hunting grounds of French kings, be allocated for the use of migrants as the number of new arrivals continues to grow, Le Figaro reports.”

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