“Court Hearing Today For ‘Off Grid Family’ Who Had 10 Children Seized by CPS”

“The ‘off grid family’ who had their ten children seized by police and CPS last week face a court hearing later this morning which will determine whether they get their kids back…

Deputy: You are standing the chance of having your children removed.

Nicole Naugler: For what, under what grounds?

Deputy: Let me just finish…

Nicole Naugler: For what, for not complying? I have constitutional rights, I have rights as a parent and my children won’t speak to anybody without my permission, without an attorney or a lawyer.

Deputy: Ma’am, sit down!

Nicole Naugler: You cannot kidnap my son!

Deputy: You’re gonna be under arrest.

Nicole Naugler: You can shoot me dead, shoot me dead but you won’t kidnap my son!

Deputy: Ma’am, You need to sit down in that car!

Nicole Naugler: Shoot me!


The family will win this case; easily at that. Those who are willing to die for what they believe in can not be defeated.

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