High Level Tactics: Vanguard Princess – Steam Ver: 1.6.1

I just recently acquired this game. Don’t let the hot chicks and fan-service fool you. This game has a very deep fighting engine. I just got finished testing every character.  I really don’t know what I’m doing but I discovered some very important information some people may want to know.

I’ll be referring to the attack buttons as — weak attack, normal attack, strong attack, parry, and assist to keep things simple. If I list “numbers” that represents directions. For example 623 is Z motion.

As far as I can tell, Lilth is a fundamentally broken character. She has infinite combos and unblockable setups. Is she better than the other characters? I don’t know. Like I said I’m new to the game. Other characters may have even more broken setups than what I am about to list. What I can tell you is the only teir list I found ranked her dead last

“From Top to Bottom:

Anyway, back to the high level tactics.

Team formation:

Unblockable setups:
1.) [Edit: Removed – I found ways to get out of it]

Infinite combos:
1.) [In corner] 6+normal attack, 6+assist (level 1), weak attack version of brain buster…. repeat brain buster until they dizzy, Hyper Comet Buster. This deals  70% of the life bar in damage and nets around 60% super meter

I’ll update this as I get better at the game. For now I’ll just leave it at that.

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