Episode 123 of Fairy Tale is the worst anime episode I’ve ever seen in my life

This is the stupidest episode in any anime I’ve ever seen.That’s sad because I’ve seen like 300 or so — I stop counting a long time ago. Anyway I don’t know if I should finish watching this anime. The show was pretty good up until this point; especially the previous ark before this episode. This episode though…. it’s so bad the very definition of plot armor needs to be rewritten to explain this level of stupidity. The new definition of plot armor is “episode 123 of Fairy Tail.” This episode is so horrible it made me angry. I’ve only gotten mad watching anime 5 times in my life

First Time: The first two episodes of E’s Otherwise were the only two good episodes in the entire anime. This made me angry because I watched all 26 episodes.
Second Time: The character Suzuka in the anime Suzuka has a horrible personality. No matter how pretty she may be if she were real no man would ever like her.
Third Time: The ending to Inuyasha first season being a tribute to Ranma 1/2. Fuck Ranma 1/2. I will never watch that show because it gave the creators of Inuyasha the “great” idea of ending the show without closure.
Forth Time: Watching Paradise Kiss. That entire series is horrible. It’s the only show I’ve seen that is worse than E’s otherwise. This made me sad because I was so hype after seeing the opening theme for Paradise Kiss. The opening theme is amazing.  The anime however is not
Fifth Time: Fairy Tail Episode 123.

What’s so bad about this episode you may ask? Everyone was killed. (That I am ok with) Whats not ok is they magically resurrect 7 years later for no reason. Plot armor is stupid. There’s no reason for this other than shock value. It also destroys all suspension of disbelief. A reader/watcher can only suspend disbelief for so much or so long. This anime episode shatters the limits of that concept. This episode is so badly written it makes me wonder if I should finish watching the series.

What’s the point of watching any Fairy Tail battle if characters get vaporized, literately, then reappear the next episode like nothing happened? There’s no suspense and it makes it seem like the writer of the story wrote his characters into a corner. How is that possible? The creator is the one writing the story. He’s the “god” of that universe and he can’t fix it? How does that make sense? It doesn’t!

*Sigh* It’s times like this I’m glad I have a bad memory. Maybe I can forget about this in the near future… I doubt it though. It’s so horrible it’ll be hard even for me to forget.

GachiYellow out

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3 Responses to Episode 123 of Fairy Tale is the worst anime episode I’ve ever seen in my life

  1. Anonymous says:

    fairy tail is the worst anime ever

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love Ranma 1/2 even if the ending didn’t give me closure. 😛

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