“Dr. Lee Hieb, a practicing orthopedic surgeon and author of a new book called “Surviving the Medical Meltdown,” says the evidence is mounting that Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, is making health care scarcer and that the worst is yet to come:

  • Shortages of everyday medical supplies – from tetanus toxoid to thyroid, not to mention standard medical equipment – are everyday occurrences now in both urban and rural areas;
  • Wait time for routine specialty care is dramatically increasing;
  • There are not enough specialists to cover emergency-room calls;
  • Hospitals in inner cities and poorer rural regions around the country are closing their doors rather than face economic ruin; and
  • It is difficult in some areas to find a primary care physician, especially for Medicare and Medicaid patients.”


You mean to tell me Obamacare was created to destroy the economy?! Noooooooo! That cant be. I guess now that doctors are saying Obamacare will destroy the entire health system someone may listen.

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