“Video: Seattle Cop Goes Nuts, Pepper Sprays People Passing On Sidewalk”

“A Seattle teacher has brought a lawsuit against the city of Seattle after he was pepper sprayed in the face by a police officer for no reason whatsoever while walking down the street.”


It’s to much of a coincidence these types of events keep occurring back to back — especially considering its during a time where public hatred for police is rising. Regardless of whether or not someone is pulling the strings, which I believe to be the case, these police must be punished. “Paid administrative leave” is not a punishment. They need to be fired. Given how bad the economy is, it  may be better than prison. Let these evil cops go a few days without food. That will fix them real quick.

As I said before I believe there are ‘bad cop’ sleeper cells in the police force. Police units need to start looking for these types of people and remove them. THIS MUST HAPPEN. It will de-esclulate the situation, that being increasing hatred for police, nation wide.

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