“After Sony hack, is U.S. grid next?” Experts give evil accusation

“WASHINGTON – Now that U.S. intelligence has blamed North Korea for the Nov. 24 cyber attack on Sony Pictures, there is growing concern that the Hermit Kingdom has the capability of bringing down the vulnerable U.S. national grid system.

However, national security experts question North Korea’s capability to take down an entire grid system alone through a cyber attack, as opposed to targeting an individual company.”


China does not have to nor wants to attack America because America is destroying itself and AMERICA OWES CHINA MONEY. China is not going to give America an excuse to default on it’s debt. What do all you “experts” have to say to that? What are these “experts”, experts in anyway, lying?

If America’s power grid is attacked it’s a FALSE FLAG. The elite want to hide the fact that Obama is shutting down our coal power plants. Even without “terror attacks” or “mega storms” America is going to have massive power outages in the future. No power plants = NO POWER. It’s very simple. Lights out America, literally. NWO you people are morons. Once your useful idiots are cut off from Facebook and football they’ll kill you people very quickly if they find out who did it. That’s not me inciting violence. That’s just the truth. When the power goes out if you ragamuffins can’t manage to pin the blame on anyone you’re screwed. Guess what? I’m here to make sure you get whats coming to you. You think you can poison ME and get away with it? Ha!

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