Airmaster – Maki vs Lucha

Do you want to know which Anime I think has the best action scenes every created? This is it; AIR MASTER. It’s action scenes are better than DBZ, better than Naruto, better than anything I’ve ever seen for one single reason. The fight scenes are all purely hand to hand combat. You will not see any fireballs or explosions in this anime. It is purely marshal arts. That’s why I think it’s better. No other anime I’ve ever watched has been purely hand to hand combat. They always shoot big fireballs or use some type of super power to end the battle scene. The reason why other anime does this is because animating fireballs and explosions is cheaper than animating hand to hand combat.

Until I see another anime with no fireballs or explosions with action scenes on this level, NOTHING can compete with this.

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