Slope Of Compromise

Today I was thinking about how governments become so corrupt. After thinking I came to the conclusion the same thing needed to pass the majority of legislation, compromise, is also the exact same thing that leads towards corruption. I think the difference between the path of corruption and freedom is the difference between what’s being compromised. In my opinion I think compromise is great until one starts compromising ethics.

From this Epiphany I came up with what I dub the “Slope Of Compromise”. Simply put the Slope Of Compromise is: as one advances through government their willingness to compromise personal ethics increases dramatically.

Given the person’s not a psychopath, at the local level compromise is near non-existent, the federal level extraordinary, and the international level extreme. I see each level of government trending this way not absolutes. If the person is a psychopath obviously they try to advance to the international levels (like the U.N. for example ) of government. Once at the top they apply pressure to lower levels to change their ethics.  Essentially this sets the Slope Of Compromise in effect.   

Now there’s a reason why I’m telling the world this idea of mine. There must be a way to destroy the Slope Of Compromise. I discovered it in order to find a way to destroy it. As for destroying it, well, I haven’t got that far yet.

GachiYellow out

[Edit: The Slope of Compromise deals with personal ethics only. There’s already a word for people who force their thoughts and ideas onto others. It’s called indoctrination ]

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