“Wonders Of Japanese Women”

While at work I was fantasizing about Japan (as  usual) when this conversation randomly developed. Me and this other Black dude, who I shall name “Toys R Us Kid” because he looks 14 not 24, were working when he said:

Toys R Us Kid: This is you and [female co-workers’ name] song. [Note: music was playing in background]
GachiYellow: No, this is me and [name of Japanese AV model] song.
Toys R Us Kid:  Who is that?
GachiYellow:  It’s someone I need to know and someone you don’t need to know.
Toys R Us Kid:  Who is that? I’m going to Google it.
GachiYellow: You can’t Google it because you don’t know how to spell it, haha.
Toys R Us Kid:  Say that name again.
GachiYellow: No.
Toys R Us Kid: Tell me who it is.
GachiYellow: I can’t have you discovering the wonders of Japanese women. I don’t like competition. There might be a problem if you start liking them as well.
Toys R Us Kid:  Hahahaha, what did you say? The wonders of Japanese women?
GachiYellow: Yep, that’s what I said
Toys R Us Kid: That’s greedy!
GachiYellow: Indeed it is! [Conversation ends]

Toys R Us Kid you better stick to tracking down White girls sucka. I want all Japanese women to myself. There’s no way I’m giving you any vital information concerning this subject.

Also, before any of you ask, no, I will not name the Japanese AV model whom I used in this conversation. Just know that she looks very lovely.

GachiYellow out

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