“3D-printed gun maker in Japan sentenced to two years in prison” “3Dプリント銃製造、男に懲役2年の実刑判決”

“A 28-year-old former university employee was sentenced today in Japan to two years in prison for manufacturing plastic 3D-printed firearms in violation of national weapons laws, according to The Japan News.”


I got two sources for this one. One for my fellow English speakers and another for any Japanese readers who may stumble across my blog. I’m nowhere near fluent but I understand enough Japanese to know this article’s speaking on the same subject. At the very least I hopefully wont embarrass myself by posting the wrong thing.





 事件を機に、誰でも製造できる3Dプリント銃に対する法規制の 検討が必要だとの指摘が上がり、警察庁は経済産業省と検討。製造・所持について「現行法で対処できる」と判断した。ただ、インターネット上で銃設計データ が拡散することを警戒。同庁の委託で違法・有害情報の削除を要請する「インターネット・ホットラインセンター」が8月、銃の設計図などを新たに「有害情 報」に指定した。”


I can only make very simple sentences in Japanese so I wont leave any commentary this time but I may try in the future… maybe.

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