Random funny conversations [6/18/2014]

For this blog post I think I’m going to do something a little different. I’m going to just list all the random comments of people who find the way I act strange. I’ll keep this blog updated with random comments people make or conversations I have that I find interesting. Enough of the intro. Time for the good stuff.


One day my dad was riding with me. While listening to my music he asked me a question.
Dad: Is this all you listen to? [referring to Japanese music. I was listening to Crystal Kay at the time]
Me: Yes
Dad: Why don’t you listen to Black folks music?
Me: Crystal Kay is Black. She’s half Black, half Asian to be exact
Dad: That’s not what I mean.
Me: Then what do you mean?


This next of is a conversation I have a lot. Its not just one person that asks me this

Random people: How did you get into Japanese culture
Me: Well Anime and video games is not really “culture” but It started long ago — When I was five to be exact.
Random people: that doesn’t make sense.
Me: I first started off as a gamer. One day I realized every game I liked came from one country. That country was Japan. I did not plan  it that way. It is just the way it happened. Upon learning every single game I like came from Japan I decided to make it my goal to go there. It’s not till much later, middle school, that I find out about anime.


This is a convo I had with one of my co-workers at work

Co-worker #1: So you only like Japanese women?
Me: No. That’s who I’d like to Marry. If I have to settle I’ll settle for an Asian girl though.
Co-worker #1: Why?
Me: Because everything I like is from Japan. I want the complete set.
Co-worker #1: That doesn’t make sense!
Me: its not suppose to!
Co-worker #1: So you’re telling me you won’t date a fine Black girl.
Me: I never said that. It depends on how good she looks.
Co-worker #1: But you only like Japanese women
Me: Look its a waste of time to date random girls when I already have an Idea of who I want to marry.
Co-worker #1: Why are you limiting yourself?
Me: I’m not limiting myself. Asian’s make up over 1/3 of the world’s population. That’s over 2 BILLION people.
Co-worker #1: But you’re not in Asia
Me: Going!
Co-worker #1 When?
Me: Soon.
Co-worker #1 How soon?
Me: None of your business
Co-worker #1: Dude, that’s racist.
Me: What?!
Co-worker #1: You’ll only date Japanese women.
Me: You can’t tell me who to marry!
Co-worker #1: It’s racist though.
Me: I don’t care.
Co-worker #1: Hahahahahaha, That’s so messed up.
Co-worker #1: Im going to hook you up with someone.
Me: No.
Co-worker #1: I have decided
Me: No
Co-worker #1: Why not?
Me: Will she be Asian?
Co-worker #1: No, she will be White.
Me: That’s why
Co-worker #1: That’s racist
Me: Racist? Why are you trying to hook me up with a White girl? [Co-Worker#1 is white btw. Just some random info for you readers]
Co-worker #1: Ok then, I’m going to go on one of those Asian dating sites and find you a girl!
Me: What?!
Co-worker #1: You heard me.
Me: You’re married though. Going to a dating site might be a slight problem.
Co-worker #1: My wife is cool. If I explain the situation she wont care.
Me: Ok, I give up — but pics or it didn’t happen. By the way I want at least a 8/10 by my standards or it aint happening.
Co-worker #1: Man you too greedy!
Me: I didn’t ask for your help!
Co-worker #1: I’m hooking you up. End of story.


This is another conversation with a different co-worker.

Co-worker #2: Hey do you like FF7 (Final Fantasy 7)
Me: Yea it’s the best one.
Co-worker #2: Nah FF8 is better
Me: No it’s not. FF8 sucks
Co-worker #2: We can no longer be friends anymore!
Me: FF8 sucks!
Co-worker #2: Why do you hate FF8?
Me: Because I hate Squall
Co-worker #2: What do you dislike about Squall?
Me: I hate the way he looks.
Co-worker #2:  Haha, what?!
Me: You heard me.
Co-worker #2: That’s not a legitimate excuse. What else do you hate about the game?
Me: Yes it is legitimate. Why would I play a game if I don’t like the main character?
Me: I played a couple hours of it……
Co-worker #2: How can you say you don’t like FF8 when you haven’t played it.
Me: Because I don’t like Squall and his gun-blade is stupid!
Co-worker #2: That doesn’t make sense
Me: It’s not suppose to.
Co-worker #2: FF8 has a better fighting system than FF7.
Me: No it doesn’t
Co-worker #2: Yes it does.
Me You know why it doesn’t?
Co-worker #2: Why?
Me: Because Squall is dumb
Co-worker #2: Hahaha, well he is kind of a wimp
Me: SEE! Even you agree!
Co-worker #2:But that doesn’t mean the game is bad.

This convo when on for quite some time. Honestly I don’t remember all of it.


This is not really so much of a conversation but more of a reason why you “never touch a black man’s radio”

Mexican dude: Let me hear some of this Japanese S#!7 you be listening to.
Me: Ok [We go get something to eat]
Mexican dude: What else you got to listen to?
Me: I got plen…  [mid sentence Mexican dude tries to change my CD player to the Radio]
Mexican dude: WTF the radio don’t work!
Me: Haha! Did you really think you would hear American music in this car?!
Mexican dude: Why won’t the radio work?
Me: It wont work because I have no radio. I had the antenna took out because I knew people like yourself would try to change my music!
Mexican dude: I need some English music man.
Me: You didn’t say that in your car when Hispanic music was playing!
Mexican dude: ………………………………..

It must have been a great shock to him when I pointed out his hypocrisy. Oh yes, feel the burn and never touch my radio again.


I’ll add more to this later or if I have enough I’ll make a part two

GachiYellow out

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